Reno Unveiling

Here’s a little riddle for you:

What do Joanna Gaines and Christina Anstead have in common?

They both make renovating look so easy.

Plot twist: it’s not!

For the past 4 weeks, I have been using every free minute I could find to work on renovating my new-to-me RV. My two main goals were to get rid of all the brown (because blech) and make the space feel more like home…like MY home. Here’s what I did (in this order, too):

  1. Removed dinette
  2. Removed window “treatments”
  3. Removed headboard
  4. Primed and painted walls / cabinets
  5. Added kitchen back splash
  6. Installed new cabinet hardware
  7. Built a work space
  8. Installed new flooring
  9. Painted bathroom accent wall
  10. Decorated

Wait… that’s it?! Although it feels like I did a lot more, I’d say these DIY projects have changed the space up quite a bit. The dark, enclosed space felt tinier than it actually is and the boxy frames around the windows and clunky dinette booth weren’t helping one bit. My favorite part of the whole reno was the flooring. Funny enough, this was also my least favorite. It was tedious and time-consuming, but it truly tied the space together and made it feel less like, well, a camper. Okay, I’ll quit my yappin’ (it’s been a long quarantine) and show you the before and afters!

And here is a list of products I used:

Now time to start moving in!


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