1 More Week in Sticks and Bricks

This week is a big one in the Rogers household!

Tomorrow, my parents move into their brand new house. They were supposed to move in about 3 months ago, so don’t talk to my dad about it. He and my mom have been living with me, our two cats, and my two dogs in my 1200 square foot town home for the past year – ha ha! Good thing we were close before, because we had no choice but to be by now!

Also tomorrow, I’ll move Harvie the RV (get it?) from her temporary home at the Chapel Hill Carriage House (shout out to the Leepers for letting me invade their space and park in their driveway for 2 weeks) to her newer temporary home at my parents’ house. Because who doesn’t want a 32-foot RV parked right smack dab in front of their shiny, new house? Bless ’em.

Anyways, I’m hoping to finish painting the interior of Harvie this weekend (I’m almost done), so that I can move into it by Thursday on account of, on Friday, my tenants move into my house and I will officially be a nomad. Holy smokes.

Throughout the week, I’ll be moving my belongings into the RV and probably panicking about not being able to fit all my crap into my new 275 square foot home. The good news about downsizing is that other people want my crap and have been paying me money for it! So I’ve been absolutely crushing my Amazon Prime game. Also on the docket this week is to create my workspace. I’ve ordered all of the parts for it and am just awaiting their arrival. If you find that Amazon is running slower than usual, it’s because I’ve been hogging their bandwidth and refreshing my order statuses every hour. 😀

Lastly, now that I’ve booked my first campground (TipTam Camping Resort in Jackson Township, NJ), so begins the countdown to departure!


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