It’s All Beginning to Feel Real

I have two exciting updates for y’all…

1 My house is up for rent! Check it out here. My property is being managed by Acorn + Oak, so if you know anyone that might be interested, have them reach out to my property manager, Nicole Galiger!

2 Today is my last day in the physical corporate America world. As you know, I had to give up my job in order to pursue my dream. But, like I said, I had options, and I chose one that will allow me to work remotely, stay in my field, grow professionally, and work under a really cool boss*. Tomorrow, I’ll be starting as an Operations Analyst with Crucial Data Solutions. CDS has created a really cool, innovative app that facilitates data collection and assists in clinical trial management. Part of the company’s mission is “to equip clinical professionals with the tools required to advance treatments that improve the quality of life for patients with life-altering conditions”. Pretty cool, huh? The company is a small start-up with leaders such as Jeffrey Rogers, also known as “Big Important Business Man,” but more commonly as “Dad”. Due to an uptick in business, Dad has been looking for an assistant. When I ran into my little debacle, he realized that he could kill a few birds with one stone (hi, I’m stone). Thus, as with any small company, my role will be very broad. I will be doing things like product support, business analysis, assistance with training and compliance with the quality management system, reporting of sales and marketing metrics/KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)/revenue forecasts, sales operations, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) administration, and online help documentation. Basically I’m going to learn a ton and do my best to help the company stick to an awesome mission.

*I’m hoping this shout-out will get me some brownie points – I will need them!

So, What’s Next?

Well, I’m still on track! During the past two weeks, I haven’t lost any steam in planning out my new life. If you’ve peeked at my To Do Before Departure list, you might have noticed that I’ve recently checked a few things off of it. Most notably, I found an RV (make/model/trim) that I really love! I just have to find one for sale for the right price and within a reasonable distance. In true analyst fashion, I’m currently gathering data for a market analysis so I know exactly how much I should be willing to pay. I plan on kicking my search into high gear after March 15th, when I get back from the Southwest road trip that my sister and I are taking.

I’ve also planned the first 5 months of my route, which is making me even more eager for departure! I’ve added each stop to the map on my Where is Riley? page, but here is an overview of where I will “post up”:

Arrival DateDeparture DateTownState
I’m here!July 10CarrboroNC
July 11August 8Toms RiverNJ
August 9September 6PortlandME
September 6September 11Bar HarborME
September 13October 11SyracuseNY
October 11October 17ColumbusOH
October 18November 7KnoxvilleTN
November 8December 13ColumbusGA
December 13January 1CarrboroNC
These dates are subject to change up until July 10 🙂

When I originally came up with this idea in January, I set a target departure date of mid-July for a few reasons. First, my family is going on vacation from June 21-29 and we are flying out of RDU, plus my dogs will be staying in the area. Second, by that time I will have saved enough in my emergency savings account to feel secure. July seemed so far away when I started brainstorming, but now it is just around the corner. I will hopefully have a tenant in my house by May 1 (only 2 months away!!), so I would like to have my RV by then to avoid moving twice. Then, it will only be T-2.5 months until departure.

This crazy dream of mine is becoming a reality, and it’s happening real fast!

One response to “It’s All Beginning to Feel Real”

  1. Riley, this is amazing!! I support your dream and your adventure. I can’t wait to read more and see where you end up 🙂


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