To Do Before Departure

☑ Set a budget

☑ Figure out what specs are must-haves and must not-haves

☑ Test drive RVs

☑ Find a property manager

☑ Confirm tenant

☑ Finalize July-December route

☑ Find an RV

☑ Have RV inspected

☑ Obtain financing

☑ Set a departure date and begin countdown

☑ Get insurance (RV and landlord)

☑ Purchase Jeep towing parts

☑ Change address for everything

☑ Go paperless where possible

☑ Drive RV home!

☑ Register RV

☑ Book first campground

☑ Pack up and move in

☑ Purge my STUFF (yard sale!)

☑ Set up internet

☑ Set up RV workspace

☑ Make any necessary RV modifications before departure

☑ Check with doctor about renewing prescriptions

☑ Practice run

☑ Mentally prepare for the adventures/turmoil/experiences to come


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